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A big update

I’ve been working for myself now for nearly five years. It was November 2006 I first registered for VAT, having done a bit of freelancing for a little while before that. I’ve loved every minute of what I’ve been doing since and it’s going from strength to strength. I’ve learned more than I thought possible […]

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How to buy your website, part VIII – more management

Wow – it’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it? I’ve been off actually doing what I’ve been telling you all about – for the most part! Sometimes we all slip up, so I’ll tell you about that now. As ever, you can see all the previous parts of the series here. So last time […]

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Just a quicky… WordPress custom nav walkers

Normal service will resume soon, hopefully, but I’ve not had time to think for a while. One of the reasons is an awful lot of WordPress dev work, and I’m hoping to share some of the fancy stuff I’ve been doing soon (the one site I know I can shout about is utterly beautiful, and […]

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How to buy your website, part VII – managing a web project

Cripes. Seven whole parts. We’re in deadly sin territory, here… and today we’ll be discussing how not to sin with your project management! Ha ha ha ha I’m so clever. Anyway, if you’d like to see all the earlier parts, click here – and you can also sign up to the mailing list for future […]

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How to buy your website, part VI – briefing your developer

Wow. Last of the Star Wars numbers… We’re up to part IV, Return of the Jedi. Or, if you’re not quite that geeky, we’re up to briefing your developer. I’ve now gathered all the previous parts of this series on to one page and you can also sign up to my mailing list for monthly […]

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How to buy your website, part V – briefing your designer

Up to part V, and what’s that bleep-bleep-bleep sound? That’s right, it’s the “vital post” alarm going off. You could have skipped the earlier posts if you already had a fairly good idea of what you want your site to do and who you want to do it, but this post should apply to everyone. […]

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How to buy your website, part IV – from shortlist to supplier

Part IV of the series I am now ashamed to be calling “H2BYW”. It’s easier for Twitter, you see. Anyway – you can go back to part I to find out about whether you need a website or not, and what it should do; to part II for a quick guide to how websites actually […]

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How to buy your website, part III – picking suppliers

Wow – up to part III already! In part I we looked at how to work out what you want. In part II, we took a meander down the techy road of how the web works. Today, we’ll be looking at those talented individuals who actually make things happen, and how to pick them. It’s […]

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How to buy your website, part II – how the web works

Welcome to part II of our series on how to buy your website. Last time, we talked about the first step – working out what you need. You should now have a rough list of ideas, links and suggestions from your customers – hang on to those. Today we’ll be taking a tiny diversion to […]

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How to buy your website, part I – what do you want?

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be writing a series of posts on the best way to buy your website – from deciding what you want from it to finding and briefing developers and designers, working with the team delivering it, and how to launch. In part one, I’ll be talking about the very […]


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