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And I’m off!

I rarely take any time off. I think it’s been a couple of years since I took more than 4 concurrent days off for anything other than surgery or norovirus (and neither was particularly fun). But now it’s time! I’m getting married, and I have two whole weeks off.

It does mean, however, that I’m going to be completely unavailable from 8 November to 23 November. Normally when I have time off I’ll still kind of check email and maybe answer text messages if it’s something incredibly urgent, but not this time.

If you have any issues during this time:

  • Do not call. Your call will not be answered. Your voicemail will not be heard until I am back. If I happen to pick up, thinking it’s the florist or something, I’ll ask you to call in a couple of weeks.
  • Email me. Instructions for existing clients will be sent in my out of office reply.

If you have issues, please please consider how urgent your issue is:

  • Urgent is a site which is completely unavailable. If this is the case, unless you have made code changes – i.e. you have edited PHP files, used the WordPress theme editor, etc – then the fault will lie with your hosting provider, as nothing else will have changed. If you did make code changes without testing offline first, you will need to restore your backups or pay a developer to fix the fault. In either case, details of who to contact will be in my out of office reply.
  • Important is an error on a site which is interfering with the day-to-day running of your business and is costing you money – for example a shopping cart not working. Details of my stand-in developer will be included in my out of office reply. As with urgent fixes, if the site is working as expected, then you change something and the site stops working, the fault will have been introduced by your changes and as such there will be a cost associated with fixing it.
  • Normal issues are those which have no bearing on the day-to-day running of your business and are annoyances rather than errors. Email me details and I will fix on my return. You can ask my stand-in developer to take a look, but the cost will be much higher than it will be if you wait for my return, as he’ll need to become familiar with your site.

In all cases, remember our guidelines for reporting errors to help us find your issue as quickly as possible:

  • What browser (and version) are you using?
  • What did you do before the error appeared – did you click something, fill in a form, do a search?
  • If there’s an error message, what is it?
  • Can you send a screenshot?

At the time of writing, all client sites are ticking over nicely, so I don’t expect any issues while I’m away. There are no releases of WordPress scheduled until 10 December 2014 so it’s unlikely anything will happen.

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