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Maltpress becomes Maltpress Web Development Ltd

Big changes are afoot! We’re currently in the process of becoming a limited company after 8 years of sole trading.

In the short term, this means a few changes which we’ll be communicating by email – new bank details, new address and so on. There’s going to be a short transition period while I’m still technically working as a sole trader while also taking on projects as a limited company, so there should be no disruption to current projects. At some point you’ll then start getting invoiced by Maltpress Web Development Ltd.

Longer term, the focus is going to be moving more and more towards high end, fully bespoke front-end, ¬†PHP and WordPress development, and we’ll be moving away from smaller projects entirely. This won’t affect any ongoing customers, but it will mean no more off-the-shelf themes will be used at all. This is a decision based on providing the very best service to our clients: the issues with bugs and incredibly poor performance that we’ve seen on pretty much every theme-based project we’ve done are just no good for anyone.

We’ll also be looking to grow over the next year or two, so expect lots of hard work (and maybe a bit of selling activity) while we prepare for this… and if you know any junior developers or freelancers looking for work, point them in this direction.


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