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WordPress 3.8: looks new, feels new, works the same. But better.

WordPress 3.8 has been released and we’re working through the process of testing it on client sites and rolling it out. In the vast, vast majority of cases the update is working seamlessly – most of the changes in this version are adding cool things rather than changing what’s already under the hood. There’s some more stuff which lets other services connect to WordPress sites, some new things we can do with themes, and a much nicer, responsive, back-end.

One thing you probably will notice, however, is that when you log in things look very, very different. Don’t worry: there’s very little which actually works differently. The “widgets” set-up page is a load better; the menus page is still not quite as good as it was a few versions ago. Remember that you can use the “help” button in the top right corner of the admin screen to get some hints, that using the “screen options” button in the top right will help you see things mentioned in your instructions which don’t seem to be there, and that you can get in touch any time if you’re really stuck.

If you’ve not had the update and you’re tempted to do it yourself – there’s a tempting looking link when you log in – try to hold off. There’s always a small possibility that a plugin or very particular bit of functionality on your site will break things, or that doing the update will fail part-way through. We always test updates and we always take backups, it’s just that this takes us a little time to get round to everyone. Your site remains secure and you don’t need the new update yet. If you have other changes you need made to your site, let us know, we’ll send you a quote before doing them and updates will thrown in, which might leap you ahead of the queue.

Remember that our contracts only give you three updates to WordPress free, but also remember that a little nudge might mean we’ll do this one anyway.

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