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WordPress 4.1 and ticketing for support

A couple of quick things today!

WordPress 4.1 has just been released and I’m rolling out updates as we speak. If your site is telling you to update it, and you’re hosted with me, then please bear with me as I test, back up, and roll out the update. You shouldn’t notice any major changes to your site for the time being, but regular updates keep things secure for you.

Secondly, I’m working on getting my support, updates and communication with clients a little more efficient. If your site is hosted with me, you’ll soon notice a new box in the dashboard of your site which shows this client news… and soon after that I’ll be adding a method to add support tickets when you have issues with your site. Using a ticketing system makes things a lot more efficient for me as I can prioritise jobs and also keep a better track of what’s coming in – I get in the region of 80 emails a day so it’s easy for things to get lost among the noise! It’s also the first step in my plans for growth in 2015 – I’m looking to take on more work and to get more efficient at the projects I do have. Better support for current clients is important in this as the less I need to do for you on a day to day basis, the better for everyone!

On that note, have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year! I’m in and out of the office now until 5 January so there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to get back to you quickly – do call or email if you need urgent support, however.

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