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Arts Award Voice

Built in Drupal with a team of developers and designers, this is one of the largest and most complex sites we’ve built.

The site is a community: registered users can create their own blog posts and articles, develop an online portfolio as part of their Arts Award, or simply browse the content created by the core team. There are now hundreds of users and thousands of items of content: video, photos, live-blogs, articles and events.

We carried out a consultation with the site’s target audience of young people to make sure we got the design and functionality right. Following the consultation, design options were made available online for commenting so we could make sure the look of the site was just right.

Following this we built the site: first as flat HTML5/CSS3 templates and then into Drupal, adapting the templates to Drupal’s requirements as we went. Once built and launched we continued to maintain the site, adding further functionality and keeping Drupal up to date.

The site continues to attract thousands of visitors and tens of thousands of page views every month.

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