Web Development

Built by maltpress

Cambridge Center for Sixth Form Studies

Designed by the ever-talented Sable and Hawkes, this fully-responsive site takes the crown as “most complex we’ve ever built”. Every landing page on the site is built from re-usable, re-orderable panels of content. Editors can select a panel type (text and image, latest news stories, text only, contact details – and many more) before populating it with content. That panel can then be used on any number of pages, including at the bottom of a text page.

Panels can be added and reordered using a simple drag-and-drop interface, making landing page creation quick and easy. The aim is to allow the site’s SEO consultants to create alternate landing pages for A/B testing without a lot of technical input.

With all of this comes a technical issue: every page is made up using a lot of different database queries. To make sure this didn’t slow the site to a crawl, and to avoid the issues with AJAX that out of the box caching plugins can cause, we built custom caching for individual pages, massively improving performance across the site.

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