Web Development

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A very interesting project – the twist this time was having a very, very tech-savvy client!

JDJ Creative did a wonderful design featuring a responsive, panel-based parallax layout… and then we built it so each of the panels on the home page could be re-ordered using a custom-built drag and drop interface. We also built in a lot of custom caching, knowing that this approach would lead to a lot of database queries, and that we could do things a lot more efficiently. We’ve since used this approach on several other projects, details of which will come soon.

We then handed the project over to Cognidox, who adapted what we’d done to add in connections with their own libraries of content. Cognidox can publish content to WordPress, so they integrated their system into our build.

We’re very happy with the work on this project – the home page in particular uses some great little touches like parallax, responsive video panels, and our custom page builder. The end result is a lovely looking site which once again takes WordPress a step further than normal.

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