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OpenIO Labs

A lovely site to work on, with a hugely complex brief.

OpenIO Labs have recently launched a new product they described to me as “a Raspberry Pi for lab equipment” – an open-source solution to linking different bits of lab equipment together to gather and manage data.

With a background in software development and the open source community, WordPress seemed to be the obvious choice for everyone involved. We used a design from a theme foundry and made it OIO’s own, building a theme from the Photoshop files and adding lots of custom functionality including (but not limited to!):

  • Paid and free membership tiers, linked to Xero for invoicing
  • A WooCommerce online store, using Stripe as a payment gateway
  • a linked PHPBB forum, sharing user logins between the site’s content and the forum
  • Mailing list integration
  • A platform for documentation for their software and hardware
  • A custom home and landing page builder using a drag and drop interface

All in all it’s a pretty complex build, with lots of different services talking to each other. It’s an exciting time for OIO as their company continues to grow – and their website grows with them.

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