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Adam Maltpress

I started working for myself in 2007 as a web writer and project manager. Over time, I built more and more websites and moved the focus of the business to managing and delivering website builds. I started Maltpress Web Development Ltd in 2015, and now work as MD and lead developer.

In the past I’ve been a scientist, stand-up comedian, technical writer, medical writer and then public sector web editor and manager. I bring a writer’s eye for detail and focus on content; a project manager’s eye for timing and costs and focus on delivery; and a developer’s technical understanding and general excitement about all things code.

While I prefer working with WordPress, I’m happy working with a number of content management systems or building my own using PHP. I also really enjoy front-end development, have recently discovered a love of SASS and Gulp, and always have at least one new technique I’m itching to try out on a client project.

I love a challenge, working, running, my dog, my wife, food, coffee, and sleep.

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