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How websites work, part 1: the absolute basics

I’ve decided it’s time to write a new series of posts all about how websites work: some of the theory behind what developers do. Hopefully this will help you understand some of the terms developers might use when talking to you, or – if you’re building your own site without a developer – it might […]

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All about backups

There’s a lot of confusion and wrong expectation when it comes to server backups with hosting. Here’s the score.

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New site launched!

At last! We’ve completed work on the new version of this site. There’s a new portfolio, all new HTML5/CSS3 design, and all sorts of whizzy things under the hood to improve performance and to make it easier to roll out some improvements for clients over the coming months. Hurrah!

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Moderation, discussion, forums… for small businesses and startups

There’s been a lot of talk in the press recently – for very sad and very serious reasons – about website moderation, anonymity, and so on. One of the main things we’re asked about – usually after the fact, when it needs to be considered up front – is how to control this kind of thing. What do you do about spam, swearing, and – as has been in the news so much – threats, insults and antisocial networking?

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How I work

I got asked the other day how I did something. This is rare. Normally people are wowed by the design and take the tech for granted, which is great: if it runs smoothly enough to take it for granted I’ve done my job well.

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Reporting bugs

Bugs. They happen on every site. It’s impossible to avoid them. But with the right reporting, you can get them fixed quickly and cleanly, and your developer will thank you for it.

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How to buy your website, part IX – the big finish

Another long-overdue post, thanks to loads of lovely work coming in and keeping me very busy. This time – and for the final time – we’ll be discussing how to launch your website now it’s complete, and what the difference between a hard and soft launch is. As ever, you can see all previous parts […]

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Add custom meta to home page only

So… you want to add a custom meta box, but it’s only relevant to the home page: so you don’t want it cluttering the rest of your WP back-end and confusing your users. How do you do it? Simple. Assuming you’re using a static page as the home page, try this: function only_home_settings() { // […]


Forcing PDFs to download in WordPress

What a browser does with different files is very much up to the browser, and for the most part that’s exactly the way it should be. It’s up to the user how they deal with downloads, and you should really have users who know to right-click and choose “save file as…” or similar when they’re […]

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